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    2. 嘉興智信教育咨詢有限公司

      24-Hour Service Hotline


      About us

      We are professional translation company established in 2003. With years of experience in a wide range of languages, including but not limited to English, Japanese, French, Russian, German and other languages, in such fields as legal documents (notary public instruments, marriage certificates, birth certificates, diploma certificate, driver’s license), technical documents (bidding documents, specification of products, description and instruction of machines), business…

      National 24-hour service hotline


      National 24-hour online service


      Add:Jiaxing hong xing xi lu xi lou landmark No. 1238 room 823

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      [Translate strength]Huge deep understanding of customer management team
      • [Management Team]Experienced foreign experts
      • [Certification]Adoption of the ISO international translation company industry advanced processes
      [Manager]Multi-year projectManagement experience, efficiency, collaboration
      • [Translation Manager]Senior,Familiar with the process leading
      • [Translation Proofreading]Translation Department, typesetting department
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      The company provides a good service, very friendly, the company's level of good translators, since there will certainly need to continue to cooperate! .

      The Company, the translation of good quality, fast, and translation companies who communicate well, very Professional